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Who Is "The Well Hung Jury" Anyway...
The Well Hung Jury
The Well Hung Jury ~
A phone pic from 2012, with
Dr. Paul, Ron Sowell, Bob Noone & Julie Adams
The Well Hung Jury "The Early Years 89-93"
You can spot Bob...
he's the only one wearing a tie!

I am often asked about the background of the musicians in my show and on my albums . . . . . so here's the legal dope:

RON SOWELL: Producer, spiritual director and guitarist of the Well Hung Jury. Ron has been with the live show from the get go. Ron's fame extends WAY beyond the Well Hung Jury... Many of you may know Ron as the director of the Mountain Stage Band on the internationally syndicated show "Mountain Stage" heard every week on Public Radio International. Ron plays guitar and harmonica, as well as making me sound good with his harmonies. In the studio, he is nothing short of a slave driver. If you like our finished product on CD, Ron is the reason.
Ron Sowell Producer and spiritual mentor, Ron Sowell. Ron thinks the
web site will get more hits if I put his picture here.

JULIE ADAMS: Vocalist extraodinaire. .. Part Diva, part comedian, Julie has been in the music biz forever, having sung with Stark Raven, Julie and the Rhino Boys, Blues DaJour, just to name a few. But if you ask her "What is your favorite gig" I just know she'd say The Well Hung Jury. She is in the live show as a vocalist and costumer . . .adding just the right smart ass comments when needed . All three of our albums are highlighted with her vocals and humor. Her Jury acting credits include: the coffee-lady in "Caffeine," the secretary in "I'm Too Busy," and Patsy from Pudica in "Lawsuit Riot."
Jon Ely, Julie Adams, Ron Sowell, and Bob. Jon Ely (background vocalist on the 2nd and 3rd album), with live show members Julie Adams, Ron Sowell, and Bob.

PAUL McCUSKER: Known to audience members of the live show simply as "Dr. Paul" this member of the Well Hung Jury serves a dual role as saxophonist AND psychologist. This PhD. performs frequently as a jazz saxist in the Cumberland, MD area with the "Straight Ahead" jazz combo. In a former life, both Paul and I played music in the 70's in Baltimore (OK, so we were lounge lizards) . . .separated for a dozen or more years. . . then reunited doing comedy tunes (Sure pays better, doesn't it!). Paul is the author of "Blame it on the Viagra" heard on the Chicken Suit album, and writes with Bob on many of the live show's "spontaneous" songs."
Dr. Paul McCusker The sax player who appears with Bob is Dr. Paul McCusker, Ph.D. psychologist . . . once you see Bob's show, you'll know why he travels with a shrink.

Here's a phone photo from Sept 2012 Show for Penn Association of Mutual Insurance Companies