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  • From Nick in NY:
    Q - Bob, my HMO will pay for my Viagra, but not a penny for my wife's birth control pills. Can I sue my HMO for child support?

    A - Nick, that type of suit hasn't been recognized yet, but it DOES make a good topic for a song. Thanks. BN

  • From Anthony:
    Q - I am planning entertainment for a convention.....Do you travel, and if so, how much is your live show?

    A - Let me say that I am more expensive than a male stripper, but less than an orthopedic expert after two days of testimony in a soft tissue injury trial. Also slightly more than a psychic friend. Call for details: 1-304-784-8818

  • From Dan in D.C.:
    Q - Bob, I find most lawyers are offensive, stuck up, self absorbed, money hungry, and egotistical...

    A - And your point is...?

  • From Sammy in Seattle:
    Q - You have a lot of conventions and corporate gatherings on your schedule, do you ever play law schools?

    A - I started playing in law school over 25 years ago. I still love converting lost souls whenever I have the opportunity. Teaching law students to laugh at their legal experiences is a much needed service . . . just call.