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BOB NOONE - Entertainer Extraordinaire!

Bob Noone maintains a successful legal practice and has handled matters ranging from corporations to kids who kill, yet he manages to step into the third person and parody the law life around him in a funny, thought provoking manner which everyone enjoys. For several years he hosted "Legally Speaking," a live radio legal talk show, which provided humorous topics for his music.

Bob has been writing and performing music for over 30 years; his venture into satirizing the realm of the legal world started when he was in law school, where he would perform for law-related parties ~ always receiving a favorable response. Over the years he has performed his distinctive brand of musical humor before thousands, meriting standing ovations from convention participants and praise from the meeting planners.

A recent newspaper review commented:

Anyone having any experience with a lawyer can relate to Noone's show and the type of music he performs. With beats ranging from rich, throaty jazz to the twangs of country guitars in the track "Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Lawyers", this show is sure to amuse everyone."

Bob has performed for groups ranging from insurance and medical executives to federal judges at locations such as St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Maui, Hawaii, The Greenbrier Resort, and Kiawah Island. He has also entertained at local and state assocation gatherings in North Dakota, Idaho, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, D.C. and points in between.

His third recording "Chicken Suit For the Lawyer's Soul" offers his most recent parodies on tort reform, lawyer advertising, cyber life, liquor liability, and legal ethics. A total of 14 new songs guarenteed to injure your funny bone.

His second, recording, "Wingtips Optional", is now in its third printing and is a favorite among the "cult following" of the Well Hung Jury. His musical styles on this album range from Caribean to Rap, Lounge Lizard to Blues. One journalist stated:

    "The best part of Bob's music is that you don't have to be a legal eagle to enjoy it... but he does provide a needed service to the profession ~ getting people to laugh at their legal experiences. You certainly don't have to be a lawyer to enjoy Bob Noone's newest legal wanderings. "Wingtips Optional" is filled with witty, solid-sounding tunes ranging from a parody on the McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit to his irreverent topic of "When You Find Yourself Disbarred." No sacred cows here."

A one-time seminarian, Bob sees his music as a ministry to help lawyers laugh at themselves.